Somavathi Amavasya 2024

Amavasya is the darkest lunar day of the month- when the moon is not visible. Rarely this day falls on a Monday. Such a day is referred to as Somavathi Amavasya. The actual commencement of such an observance is not known to us, but perhaps one prominent reference to it is found in the Mahabharat in a conversation between Bhishma Pithamaha and Dharamraj Yudhishthir. When Yudhishthir asked Bhishma Pithamaha- the Grandsire of the Pandu dynasty, what could be done to rekindle the glory of his dynasty that the Mahabharat War had ravaged, Bhishma replied that in order to do this, ensure the prosperity of future generations and to get the blessings of noble children, he (Yudhishthir) should observe the Somavathi Amavasya Vrath.

Other literature also advises of the following benefits:

  • Removal of sorrows
  • A childless couple can be blessed with good children.
  • The less fortunate can increase their wealth.
  • Removal of fear.
  • Increase in lifespan (more especially blissful married life)
  • Peace of mind
  • Removal of illnesses
  • Speed up the process of salvation
  • Alleviates the negative influence of Planets, Kalasarpadosh and
    Pitri Dosh

How does one observe Somavathi Amavasya:

  • We should bathe in sacred rivers. The alternative is to at least
    sprinkle water of the Ganges/some sacred river on oneself and pray for
  • Worship of the Shiv ling- especially Abhishek or bathing of the ling.
  • Fasting according to one’s ability.
  • Pitra puja – tharpanTharpan and pinda daan.
  • Pitri Sewa to departed ancestors and living parents.
  • Performance of Hawan.
  • Ladies traditionally take a pilgrimage to a Peepal tree, normally in
    the vicinity of a temple. There, they worship and do parikrama (walk around)
    the tree 108 times while chanting and praying for a long and blessed married
    life. If this is not possible, it can be done around a Tulasi plant. Perhaps
    today, Males may also want to do the same for their partners.
  • Young girls wanting to find a suitable life partner can also do this
  • ¬†Plant a tree.
  • Give charity and feed others especially those thatto charity and
    feed others, especially those who are hungry.

The SSDSSA has on their website an article on Peepal Mahima-an article on Peepal Mahima on their website, which discusses the method and benefits of worshipping the Peepal Tree.
This year, we are blessed even further because this occurrence takes place during the holy month of Chaitra on the eve of the HINDI NEW YEAR. It is, therefore, a wonderful opportunity, and I pray that all of you will take advantage of a golden opportunity to usher in the new year.

Best wishes today and always.

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